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How to Participate

100KM Challenge

The fight against cancer is a long and arduous battle. The 100KM Challenge symbolizes the fight against cancer that does not sleep until the cure for cancer is found. It offers all participants an opportunity to declare their fight against cancer, test their mental fortitude, and show the cancer community that they are not alone in the fight against cancer. 

The 100KM Challenge is a non-competitive walk/run around the relay track. This year, the 100KM Challenge will take place at the National Stadium, and challengers must fundraise a minimum of $50 per person to earn an entry invitation to the Stadium. Challengers who completed the 100KM individually or with their teammates will be entitled to a 100KM Finisher T-shirt.

How to take part in the 100KM Challenge:

Team Challengers:

100KM Team will receive a baton to track the distance conquered. Throughout the challenge, at least one team member must be on the relay track with the baton. There is no restriction on the number of members in a team. Only qualified participants (fundraised minimum $50 per person) will receive the 100KM Finisher tee after the event.

Individual Challengers:

Individual challengers will receive a tracker to track the distance conquered. Challenger is required to be on the relay track throughout the challenge.

  1. Sign up as an Individual or form a Team of at least 2 members

  2. Fundraise $50 and more per person to qualify for the challenge.

  3. Report to the 100KM Challenge booth at least 30 minutes before the event flag-off to collect your baton (for the team) or tracker (for the individual challenger). 

  4. At the end of the event (5th March 2023, Morning), each team challenger or individual challenger that is present on the track with the baton or completed the 100KM Challenge will be honored as our Relay Champion.

  5. Each Relay Champion will receive an exclusive 100KM Finisher tee at the 100KM booth after the event. 


*100KM Challenge will start after the Survivor Lap, there will be a mandatory hiatus for the Remember Ceremony (in the late evening), and the 100KM Challenge will end before the closing ceremony. The total Challenge period is about 12.5 hours.

My Fight Back Challenge

My Fight Back Challenge is an Open Category Challenge that allows participants to set up their own challenge to show support and fundraise for the cancer community. Participants can pledge to complete an activity within their capability to symbolise their fight against cancer.


Participants are encouraged to use their creativity to come out with a challenge to prove to the cancer community that they are not alone in the fight against cancer. The activity can be something that participants are passionate about or interested in that promotes good health, body, and /or mind. It can also be a fundraising campaign to raise funds for the needy cancer community.


My Fight Back Challenger will receive an entry invitation, an event t-shirt, and a Relay Pack (Goodie Bag) when they fundraise $30 and more per person.

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