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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the Relay For Life?
    Relay For Life (RFL) is a global movement founded in May 1985 by American Cancer Society in Tacoma, Washington. Since then, it has grown into a worldwide phenomenon, raising about US$5 billion to fight cancer. Close to 4 million participants took part in RFL across the globe annually, making it one of the world’s largest fundraisers. Singapore is the 25th member country to organise RFL. Singapore Cancer Society (SCS) aims to rally the local community to celebrate the lives of those who battled cancer, remember loved ones lost, and fight back against a disease that has taken many lives. It is also an excellent platform for cancer survivors, caregivers, and volunteers to be recognised, supported and connected via a strong support system. With a target outreach of 5,000 participants, this community event also seeks to raise $1,250,000 to fund various SCS programmes and services. To accomplish the objectives of Celebrate, Remember and Fight Back, RFL has three special segments during the event to express the importance of cancer journey
  • Celebrate
    RFL event celebrates life and, most importantly, cancer survivors' victory over the disease. The event also recognises and celebrate caregivers, who give time, love, and support to their friends, family, neighbours, and co-workers facing cancer.
  • Remember (Luminaria Bags)
    Candles are lit inside personalised bags as glowing tributes to those who have been affected by cancer. To remember people, we have lost to cancer, honour people who have fought cancer in the past, and support those whose fights continue. There will be a Luminaria bag gallery at RFL 2023 to showcase participants designs and messages to their loved ones. Participants may also dedicate luminaria bags via our website here.
  • Fight Back
    This emotionally powerful ceremony inspires Relay For Life participants to take action. It symbolises the emotional commitment each of us can make in the fight against cancer. The action taken represents what we are willing to do for ourselves, for our loved ones & for our community to fight cancer all year-round and commit to saving lives.
  • When is RFL 2023?
    RFL 2023 Physical event is happening on 4 March – 5 March 2023 from 6:00pm – 9:00am (an overnight event). There is no charge to signing up for RFL, and all registered participants are welcome to visit the event to check out our carnival, performance by local artists, and food stalls. (Registration closes on 3 March 2023) This year the 100KM Challenge (a non-competitive walk/run around the relay track) is returning to the National Stadium. Challengers must fundraise $50 or more to participate in this challenge. Challengers who completed the 100KM individually or with their teammates will be entitled to a 100KM Finisher T-shirt. The RFL 2023 Virtual – My Fight Back Challenge will take place from 4 March, Saturday, 0000hrs till 12 March, Sunday, 2359hrs. All activities for the virtual challenge must be recorded (at any date or time) within this period. My Fight Back Challenge is an Open Category Challenge that allows participants to set up their own challenge to show support and fundraise for the cancer community. Participants can pledge to complete an activity within their capability to symbolise their fight against cancer.
  • How do I get there?
    RFL 2023 Physical – 100KM Challenge will take place at National Stadium, Singapore Sports Hub. How to get there: Address: National Stadium, Singapore Sports Hub  1 Stadium Drive  Singapore 397629 For RFL 2023 Virtual – My Fight Back Challenge, you can take part at any place of your choice. You can also take part in the comfort of your own home.
  • What do I need to bring to the event?
    Please show your confirmation email slip with the QR Code to scan & register for entry at Gate 9 at the National Stadium. (We recommend bringing your smart phone) If you are unable to find your confirmation email slip, please login here to find the QR Code. Please bring along your phone to process donations made at the event, as most transactions will be processed via QR Code. Please refer to the Participant E-Booklet for more information on what to bring and what to avoid bringing!
  • Do you allow walk-in registration on the event day?
    Yes, we do accept walk-in registrations and gladly welcome more people to join us in this meaningful event.
  • Can I register for 100KM Challenge category on the event day?
    No. We strictly do not allow anymore 100KM Challenge registration. The last day to register for the 100KM Challenge category is by 3 March.
  • I have missed the registration deadline. Can I still register for the 100KM Challenge category?
    No. All registrations must be completed by 3 March 11.59hrs.
  • Where can I collect the Relay Pack?
    4 March, from 4PM onwards @ the Redemption Counter inside Gate 9 (after entry) Registration Counter at Gate 9: Participants are to scan the QR code from their confirmation email to receive an entry ticket. Participants will use the entry ticket to collect their entitlement (event T-shirt & relay pack) from the Redemption Counter (located on the right side upon entering the stadium). Note: Only registered participants who meet the minimum fundraising amount will be eligible for the event entitlements & relay pack.
  • Can I collect the Relay Pack after 4PM?
    Yes. The redemption counter is open from 4PM onwards. We encourage participants to collect before 10PM on 4 March.
  • Can we bulk collect the Relay Pack?
    Please assign a Team member as a representative beforehand (1st to arrive at the Redemption Counter) to do a bulk collection. Email before 3 March to confirm your request. Team Name Representative Name As the last date to register for RFL 2023 is by 3 March, do ensure all your team members sign up & fundraise $30 and more per person for the My Fight Back Challenge or fundraise $50 and more per person for 100KM Challenge to receive the event entitlements and relay pack!
  • What are the rules for the 100KM Challenge?
    For Individual Challengers: 1. You are expected to stay throughout the overnight Relay. 2. You are allowed to have meal breaks and toilet breaks at your own discretion. 3. There will be a 40-minute break from 8.50pm to 9.30pm on 4 March. 4. Complete the 100KM or be on the track with your time chip-embedded tracker upon completion of the Relay on 5 March at 8.50am and you will be entitled to the 100KM FINISHER tee. For Team Challengers: 1. At least one member of the team has to be on the track with the baton at all times throughout the overnight relay. 2. You are allowed to have meal breaks and toilet breaks at your own discretion. 3. There will be a 40-minute break from 8.50pm to 9.30pm on 4 March. 4. All team members will be entitled a 100KM FINISHER tee as long as the team has completed 100KM, OR one member is present on the relay track at 8.50am on 5 March.
  • Can we run the 100KM virtually and still receive the event entitlement (Finisher T-shirt)?
    Participants can run 100KM virtually under My Fight Back Challenge, however they will not get the finisher t-shirt as 100KM challenge and entitlement (100KM T-shirt) is only available at the physical event.
  • Are all team members required to be present at the end of the event to receive the 100KM Challenge event entitlements?
    No. There can be a representative at the end of the 100KM relay race to collect the entitlements on behalf of the whole team. Not all team members have to be present at the end.
  • We missed the collection on the event day. Where can we collect our 100KM Finisher T-shirts?
    We are planning for the collection of 100KM Finisher T-shirts and we will soon share more information about the collection via social media or email. Do follow our Instagram and Facebook to stay updated on RFL updates.
  • Are we allowed to leave and re-enter the event?
    Yes. A wristband will be issued to all registered participants.
  • Are my family and friends allowed to come support me at the event?
    Yes, supporters are most welcome to cheer you on! Please remind them to register by 3 March 1159hrs for complimentary entry to our launch event at the National Stadium, from 4 to 5 March!
  • Can I bring my children along?
    Yes. Please make sure to register your children before coming down to the event. While children under 6 years old can enter without registration, they will not receive any event entitlement. All children aged 12 and below are not allowed to participate in the 100km challenge. Children can only register under the My Fight Back Challenge. Children between 6 to 12 years old need to register and fundraise ($30 or more) for RFL to receive the entitlements and physical event invitation.
  • How are the running lanes designated?
    The inner 8 lanes of the running track will be dedicated to 100KM Challengers (Baton/Tracker Holders). Non-100KM / walking participants will have to use the outer 4 lanes, which will have a protective covering (black flooring). This is to ensure a safe and non-competitive walk/run environment for everyone.
  • Is the baton issued to a main team or sub team?
    The baton is issued per sub team and each sub team have to complete their own 100KM.
  • How is the distance measured from the baton?
    When one team member completes his/her allocated lap, he/she will pass the baton to the next team member to continue. For Team participants, at least one member must be on the track (with the baton) during the 100KM challenge period. (Distance and timing are track via the baton). There will be a mandatory break during the Remember Segment.
  • Can the baton capture distance that exceed 100KM?
  • Can I skate or cycle during the event?
  • Are strollers allowed at the event venue?
    Strollers, due to safety reasons, are not permitted into the Venue seating areas. Strollers will need to be parked, at owner’s own risk, in designated areas provided by KASM and must not block any aisle ways or exits.
  • Can I bring my pets along?
    Pets are not allowed at the event venue.
  • Will there be an official photographer?
    Photography and/or videography will be taken during the event for news and publicity purposes and Singapore Cancer Society reserves the right to use any photograph, motion picture, recordings, or any other record of the event for any legitimate purposes.
  • Do I need to wear my event T-shirt to the event?
    We strongly encourage all participants to wear their event T-shirt to show their support for the cancer community during Relay For Life!
  • I have successfully registered for the event. However, I am not able to make it to the event anymore. Can I find a replacement?
    No. Registration is non-transferable and non-refundable.
  • Can I transfer my participation slot registration if I wish to withdraw from the event?
    All participant slots are strictly non-transferable.
  • What would be the contingency plan should there be bad weather on the event day?
    In the event of inclement weather, SCS reserves the right to delay the commencement of the event. Should the inclement weather persist after delay, SCS reserves the right to cancel the event without any refund. National Stadium’s retractable roof will be closed and will cover 95% of the stadium.
  • Is there a Bag Deposit available?
    There is no Bag Deposit available. We strongly advise that you do not leave any valuables in your bags. The organiser will not be held liable for any loss or damage to your personal items.
  • Can I bring alcohol to the event venue?
    No. Alcohol is not allowed at the event venue. Participants found with alcohol will be requested to discard it before entry to the National Stadium. Participants found intoxicated might be asked to leave the premises immediately.
  • How do I register for RFL 2023?
    You can register for the event by signing up here. There is no registration fee. RFL is about rallying the community to come together to support and fundraise for the cancer cause. Upon successful registration, you will receive a confirmation in your registered email inbox. If it does not appear in your inbox, please check your spam folder. You can also sign up as a fundraiser for the cancer community or donate here.
  • When is the last date to register?
    Register by 3 March for complimentary entry to our launch event at the National Stadium, from 4 to 5 March!
  • Is there an age limit to participate in the event?
    Participants aged 18 years old and below should be accompanied by parents or guardians and parental/guardian consent should be obtained.
  • How do I know if my registration is successful?
    You will receive an email confirmation to your registered email address upon successful registration.
  • Can I make changes to my T-shirt size or mailing address after registration?
    Yes, you can login to your profile here to edit your t-shirt size or mailing address. We will only allow changes until 19 February 2023.
  • Can I change Fight Back Challenge categories (100KM Challenge / My Fight Back Challenge) after I have registered?
    You are required to select your preferred category at the point of registration. Change of categories is not permitted.
  • I am a local/foreigner staying overseas. Can I take part in the event?
    Yes, you can still take part in the event. As the physical event (100KM Challenge) will only be held in Singapore, all participants who which to take part in the physical RFL 2023 will need to be present in Singapore during the event period. You may take part in the virtual event (Non-100KM challenge) from any location in the world. However, please note that delivery of entitlements will only be available within Singapore only.
  • Can I transfer my RFL registration if I wish to withdraw from the event?
    All registrations are strictly non-transferable.
  • How can I join or create a team?
    Step 1. Sign up here: and a confirmation email will be sent to the registered email address with a link to set up ‘Your Profile’. Step 2. Select TEAM or INDIVIDUAL Category Step 3. Login to your profile Step 4. Key in the EXACT team name in the 'Team Name' option. Step 5. Press ‘SUBMIT UPDATES’ to confirm. The participant's profile will automatically be added to the team once confirmed. Note that there is no maximum number of members for team sign-up.
  • We have registered to take part as a team. What can we do if some of our team members want to participate in a different category?
    As a team, all members will participate in the same category. Should some participants wish to participate in a different category, they will need to form a separate team.
  • Can I use the same screenshot to upload for all the team members taking part in the same activity?
    Each team member should record their own activities and upload the screenshots to their own registered account. SCS reserves the right to reject any screenshots that are duplicated submissions.
  • Where can I enter my team code to join a team?
    There is no team code issued for team members to key-in this year.
  • How do I fundraise for RFL 2023?
    You can share your public profile page link onto various platforms (Facebook, WhatsApp, Telegram, Email etc.) Via Facebook / Instagram: Try posting an interesting image on how you will be taking part in RFL. You could also include the link to your RFL page in your bio. Remember to tag us in your stories! Via WhatsApp / Telegram: Share a link to your RFL page and rally your friends and family to support your campaign. If your messaging app supports it, pin the message so that no one will miss it!
  • Is GST included?
    There is no GST on donations.
  • How do I check the amount I have fundraised?
    Click this link: Find your name and click the [+] next to your name to view the total funds raised!
  • Will I receive a tax-deductible receipt for my donation?
    All e-Tax Deductible Receipts will be issued 1-2 weeks by Singapore Cancer Society (SCS) after a successful donation. We will help to submit your tax deduction to IRAS as long as you provide your Full Name & Full NRIC / FIN / UEN No. when making the donation. All individuals and businesses must provide their identification number (e.g., NRIC / FIN / UEN) when making donations to the IPCs to be given tax deductions on the donations. Note: As part of SCS Go Green initiative, issuance of physical tax-deductible receipts has ceased with effect from June 2021 and are replaced by e-receipts. Kindly provide us your email address to receive your e-receipts.
  • What is a Luminaria Bag?
    Candles are lit inside personalised bags as glowing tributes to those who have been affected by cancer. To remember people, we have lost to cancer, honour people who have fought cancer in the past, and support those whose fights continue. There will be a Luminaria bag gallery at RFL 2023 to showcase participants designs and messages to their loved ones. Participants may also dedicate virtual luminaria bags via our here. With every $10 donated, donors will receive an email link to personalise a luminaria bag. Participants must provide the same email they signed up with when dedicating the luminaria bag(s) to unlock the Remember e-badge.
  • How to get a Luminaria Bag?
    All donations above $10 will be eligible to dedicate 1 Luminaria Bag for every $10. The link to dedicate the Virtual Luminaria Bag(s) will be sent to the donor via email. You may check out the Luminaria Dedication page for the latest submissions here.
  • What are the entitlements for RFL 2023?
    Please refer to the entitlements page here
  • When and where can I download the e-Certificates?
    The e-Certificates will be made available for download after the event, in March 2023. You may login to your account to download the e-Certificates.
  • What are the e-badges?
    E-badges are awarded to participants who have completed certain criteria in RFL 2023! Participants who have achieved all 3 Celebrate, Remember and Fight Back e-badges will receive a RFL medal. Please see the list of criteria below to fulfil in order to achieve an e-badge:
  • I registered as a Cancer Survivor, when will I receive my Survivor T-shirt?
    If you have not collected your Survivor T-shirt during the Physical Event (4 to 5 March), we will mail it out to your registered mailing address by end-May 2023. Do log in to your profile to check if your mailing address is correct before 25th March 2023.
  • I have achieved all 3 e-badges, when will I receive the RFL Physical Medal?
    We will mail it out to your registered mailing address by end-May 2023. Do log in to your profile to check if your mailing address is correct before 25th March 2023.
  • I didn't collect my T-shirt on the Event Day (4 - 5 March), where else can I collect?
    Collection Details for Event T-shirt and 100km T-shirt only: Date: 20th March to 31st March 2023 Time: 10.00 AM to 7.00PM (Monday to Friday) and 10.00AM to 4.00PM (Saturday only, closed on Sunday) Venue: Singapore Cancer Society (Main Office) 30 Hospital Boulevard, #16-02 NCCS Building, Singapore 168583 Important Note: - Collection is only available for Qualified Participants who have not collected their T-shirt(s) on the Physical Event Day (4 – 5 March). *Registered participants who met their minimum fundraising amount will be considered as a Qualified Participant. (Fundraise $30 and more per person for the My Fight Back Challenge or fundraise $50 and more per person for 100km Challenge) - Login here to check if your fundraising amount:
  • How to get to Singapore Cancer Society Main Office?
    By MRT - Outram Park Station: Take Exit 7 to leave the MRT Station via the escalators. At ground level, follow signs to get to NCCS via the link bridge. Lift access from B1, Exit 7 is also available using Lifts B1L04 and B1L05. Take the lift to Level 2 and follow signs to get to NCCS via the link bridge. By Taxi or Private Car Hire: Input "New National Cancer Centre Singapore" as your destination. Ensure that the address is indicated as “30, Hospital Boulevard, S168583”. By Car and Where to Park: Click here for specific directions
  • Can I collect the T-shirts (Event T-shirt & 100km T-shirt) on behalf of my teammates or assign a collector/courier?
    You can collect on behalf of your team members or assign a collector/courier. Please fill out the form here:
  • How do I record and submit my activities for My Fight Back Challenge?
    Log in to your account here and submit your activities screenshots. You can take a photo of yourself and showcase your way of fighting back cancer in a healthy way. It can be Yoga, Dancing, Cooking... and the list goes on! Submit your photos onto your RFL profile page during the event period (4 – 12 March 2023). You can also record your activities with your built-in GPS wearable device tracker(s) (watches, head units etc.) If you do not have a GPS wearable device tracker, you can download a free mobile app STRAVA ( to track your distance activities with GPS. Alternatively, other distance tracking mobile apps can be used to record as long as the date, time and distance are indicated.
  • How many submissions can I make?
    There is no limit to the number of submissions that you can make. Please plan your activities in advance so that you optimise your physical activities within the event period.
  • Can I make multiple submissions within one day?
    Yes, you can make multiple submissions within one day. For example, you can submit once per day over the 9 days, or you can also submit 3 times in one day. It is entirely up to you when you wish to conduct and record your activities as long as they are done within the event period.
  • Can I edit or delete my submission if I have made an error?
    Yes. Log in to your account to delete the submissions. Deleted submissions will be removed from your total distance tracker and the leaderboard. Please email us at if you are unable to do so.
  • What is the difference between the 100KM Challenge and My Fight Back Challenge?
    100KM Challenge: Participants will be eligible to take part in the 100KM Challenge on the event day and be eligible for the 100KM finisher tee. My Fight Back Challenge: There is no minimum distance to fulfil under this category.   Fundraising: 100KM participants are required to raise $50 and more to receive their entitlements, while My Fight Back challengers are required to raise $30 and more to receive their entitlements.  Do take note that change of category after registration is not permitted. Please select your preferred category during registration.
  • Can I take part in both 100KM Challenge and My Fight Back Challenge?
    While you have to choose between the two, the 100KM challenge participants are entitled to the same entitlements that a virtual participant (non-100KM challenger) received and are additionally eligible to take part in the 100KM challenge to receive a 100KM finisher tee on the event day.
  • Can I use a screenshot of an activity done on a treadmill?
    Yes, treadmill activities can be accepted.
  • Can I use a screenshot of an activity tracked using a steps tracker or pedometer?
    Yes, you may submit a screenshot of your steps tracker or pedometer. The screenshot should contain the distance covered. SCS reserves the right to remove any screenshot deemed to be inappropriate or inaccurate.
  • Can I use a screenshot of an activity tracked using my smartwatch?
    Yes, you can use a screenshot of your smartwatch for an activity. You may also take a screenshot of the mobile app or website version of the activity tracked using your smartwatch after you synced the activity.
  • I have problems uploading my screenshots to the portal.
    Please email us at with your registered name, postal code and birthdate for our team to assist you.
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